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Fifififi [Raid] and [Social] [Approved]

Postby leetoo » Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:57 pm

How long you have been around playing WoW
I have started WoW on the Burning Crusade extension it was a while agoo

What class/role you're playing
I am playing Warlock for 1 extension now and i am fund of optimization (simcraft mrrobot and all the stuff)

Your raid experience
I have been raiding for a while now but with very social guilds for a while as i played mostly when i was younger and couldn't go to bed late ;p so i have couple of achievements i usually did most of the raids in normal and some bosses in HM.
Previous guilds(why you left? etc)
I have had 3 main guilds back on my french server, one very sociable and i used to raid alot with them for the social side as wiping was as much funnier as wiping i did not left it but haven't been on my shaman which i used to main for a while now.
back when i was younger i entered in a serious guild however i did not have the skill (i was like 15 years old and way to young to gear up properly i guess) however the guild was going through a crisis and disbanded 2 months after i joined.
And last year at ToT, small guild with pretty skilled people who disbanded 1 month after i went in..

From where did you hear about Lords of Midnight?
I met mazoa fight at (i don't know the name in french but i had to kill fkin Meatball) and then i asked if there were free slots in your raiding roster he told me not but still to try to apply :)

What you think you can bring to the guild
I can translate french and i link french stuff in the chat !! :D more seriously i am a very sociable person mature on many points immature on others. And i want to bring my knowledges and presence in the rooster

What you expect from us
I expect a cool and sociable atmosphere where everybody is helpfull and respectfull/
19 years old, I am a french student in 2nd year in business school


Additional info you might think be good to tell us
I play Hearthstone (Legendary rank achieved yay)
League of Legends (i'm platinium)
Starcraft (only doing arcades)
and DIablo (strong DH 370 parangon i think)

Assurance that you kill n00ms on sight
Always :D

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Re: Fifififi [Raid] and [Social] [Approved]

Postby Erodast » Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:23 am

Hi there! You sound like a really nice guy, just looking at your application! You've got a spot as a social member! However, atm we've already got plenty of raiders and I can therefore not guarantee a raid spot for you!

If you still wish to join, talk to me, Mazoa, Keezul/Fugue or Selassa in-game for an invite!
Nice to meet you and if you do decide to join, hope you enjoy your stay :)