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Re: Dirtyburger[Raid][Approved]

Postby Mazoa » Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:55 pm

Hi there!

Looking good :)
Atm we're not lacking too much for our mythic group but I'll hear with the other officers/the main raidleader.
We know Krutte & Co is a solid bunch of raiders so the problem would mainly be just that, getting a mythic slot.

I can see you're lacking a bit of gear, but on atleast tuesdays we mostly do a fullclear of highmaul HC.
As long as we don't lack healers you'll most likely get a spot to prove your worth and get some gear.

Can you beat krutte? ;)

Contact Mazoa/Chulietas(me), Erodast(RL), Fugue/Keezul(GM), Arkenor/Influenza, Mizuchi or Selassa ingame for an invite.

If I havn't managed to contact them before you do, just use this post as a reference.
Chulietas - Daughter of Ragnaros