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Joining the guild as part time raider

Postby Darksaint » Tue Feb 03, 2015 9:22 pm

How long you have been around playing WoW
- I started around mid Vanilla but didn't play seriously until wrath. raided through wrath and cata. took a break through the entirity of Mists expect for a bit of SoO !
What class/role you're playing
I used to be a holy paladin but left it behind as level 85 because of the sheer nostalgia. i started playing priest instead as either disc or holy. i've always been pretty good at healing and found that the role suited me and my playstyle the best. i am leveling a druid aswell(also resto)
Your raid experience
Raided mid-wrath through cataclysm. Raided heroic mode but not extremely hardcore progression pushing
Previous guilds(why you left? etc)
- I used to be an officer of a guild called Brothers in Battle on Shadowsong. a small but decent raiding guild, sadly dead now, with pretty decent progress in end wrath through cata. I stopped since i had to go live abroad for a year and didn't have the time for the game at that point.
From where did you hear about Lords of Midnight?
- honestly i was just browsing through the guildfinder when you guys popped up. after looking at the description i thought you seemed sensible and serious to some degree
What you think you can bring to the guild
- I'm a very easygoing person. I'm good at keeping my calm and i like helping out where I can. I try to not take everything too seriously but not in a way that is silly.
What you expect from us
- what i like in a guild is for there to be a certain social atmosphere when you log on. it's nice when people don't take everything too seriously and create drama in guildchat or whatever.
i'm 18, Danish
Battletag, or atleast give it to one of us officers in a pm.
Any other boasting in terms of WoL charts, other logs or maybe even feats of strengths you might have.
- im a great teamplayer, im easy to talk to and be around and I like long walks on the beach in the moonlight and all that shit
Additional info you might think be good to tell us
- A slight problem is that i might not be able to consistantly raid every week if i have major assignments due, but ill do what i can :)
Assurance that you kill n00ms on sight
- whoever he is ill rek him

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Re: Joining the guild as part time raider

Postby Erodast » Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:35 pm

Hi there! I've read your application and it looks good! About your raiding, since most difficulties are flexible you'll most likely have no problem getting a spot (provided that you perform well enough :P)! As for Mythic, I can't make any promises but we could always use reserves and stand ins! Getting a more permanent spot is ofc not completely out of the eequation!

But anyway, /w me, Arkenor, Fugue/Keezul, Mazoa/Chulietas, Mizuchi, Deathgwendar or Selassa for an invite to the guild!

Hope you'll enjoy your stay! :)