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What is Lords of Midnight and who are we?

Postby Mazoa » Tue Oct 28, 2014 2:15 am

Lords of Midnight is a guild that was founded in early vanilla WoW back in the day.
We've been around for a long time and have been raiding for the same amount of time.

We've had brother and sister guilds but as it stands we're now on our own.
To be hardcore has never been our goal, but we have been blessed with some skilled players and
are trying to get as far as we can with every content patch.

In terms of progression we managed to get 12/14 during 5.4 and we're fairly happy with the results.

The enviroment:
Casual, light-hearted and mature.
I'm not too certain about mature anymore, but we do our best.

In any case; most, if not all, of all member are above 18 years old and we're trying to keep it that way.

When raiding we don't want be picking on each other, we're trying to enjoy ourselves.
We expect our raiders to read about their class, rotations, gems etc so we can focus on the fun parts in terms of raiding.
Mistakes will be made and we accept that and move on. Unless they are made by a n00m.

We expect you to feel the same about raiding.
If you're very hardcore, you'll most likely find us too relaxed.
If you think you can just come and go whenever you want, not making sure you have gems/enchants
flasks and pots then you are probably a bit too relaxed.

Raid Times
20:00-23:30 every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

We don't schedule many alt or achievement runs but we have people interested in those things
so you will likely be able to find people to do such things with.

Applying as a raider:

Read the template for filling out an application and take your time to present yourself
in a post of your own.

As it stands, we're full on tanks and healers.
We're not really lacking dps either but we might accept exceptional applications.

Applying as a Social member

Just write about yourself, why you want to join our guild etc :)
Make a new post and name it after your character name and mark it with [Social]

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