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Tajt (Social/Raid) [Approved]

Postby Tajt » Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:09 pm


My name is Tajt, my real name is Eric, im currantly living in Västerås Sweden, im 26 years old and have the plessure to be friends with Mazoa and Elzume (somthing like that, enchanment shaman).

Im back in WoW again, this game always gets me back and im now looking to be a Social Raider. Id like to join raids when i can, but my job schedule is very shifting so i cant be expected to show up every raid. My work is in the personal assistans field if you wonder.

My knowloadge of my class is very limited right now, used to be a hardcore raider back in wotlk but since then ive been more of a casual player.

I have started to begin to understand the concept of being a shaman healer again, since i have for the last week read preatty much everything it is to know of how to heal as one.

Now i just gotta start to learn it again, it wont be much of a problem in doing so, but it will take atleast 1½ week before i have decent gear, 540-550 and can joinup for a last heroic run or something like that before the new expansion.

In the new WoD shaman healer will have a huge challange, and from what i can tell be abit of, they arent the best at anything but they will be decent all over.

If anyone of your resto shamans like to give me a tip on focus points that i havent read about they are free to whipser. im Currantly on the wrong server but will change to the right server this weekend.

Anymore questions about me or about my old achivments in WoW feel free to write below.

Thanks!, bye

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Re: Tajt (Social/Raid) [Approved]

Postby selassa » Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:26 pm

Hey there Tajt,

You are welcome to join the guild :)

First off you should get in touch with one of our officers in-game for an invite. Check the list at the bottom of this post.

When it comes to raiding one of the guilds raid leaders will handle that once you are a guild member.

Guild officers: Keezul/Fugue, Arkenor/Influenza, Mazoa/Chulieta, Erodast, Mirski or myself (Selassa)