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Inertname [RAID][Approved-Social]

Postby Sumbody » Sun Nov 02, 2014 12:19 am

How long you have been around playing WoW: 8 years, on/off

What class/role you're playing: Paladin, Tank

Your raid experience: everything up until MOP, done the LFR stuff on MOP though..

Previous guilds(why you left? etc): Closure, not left just inactive as I haven't played in some months, but want to get back into raiding casually.

What you think you can bring to the guild: a good laugh and plenty of experience

What you expect from us: Friendly environment and a good laugh is all, casual raiding (used to do the hardcore stuff, no time for it anymore)

Age: 29

Battletag, or atleast give it to one of us officers in a pm: sumbodyelse

Any other boasting in terms of WoL charts, other logs or maybe even feats of strengths you might have: I got a warglaive on my rogue in tbc?

Additional info you might think be good to tell us: I enjoy Chinese

Assurance that you kill n00ms on sight: kinda like em, if I could be gnome pally I would jump on it!

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Re: Inertname [RAID][Approved-Social]

Postby selassa » Mon Nov 03, 2014 4:21 pm

Hey there Inertname,

You are welcome to join the guild as a social member to start off with :)

First off you should get in touch with one of our officers in-game for an invite. Check the list at the bottom of this post.

When it comes to raiding one of the guilds raid leaders will handle that once you are a guild member. So a spot in the raidgroup is not guaranteed and solely up to the raid leaders.

Guild officers: Keezul/Fugue, Arkenor/Influenza, Mazoa/Chulieta, Erodast, Mirski or myself (Selassa/Saknafein/Exhale)