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Lani [Social][Approved]

Postby Lani » Mon Nov 03, 2014 8:17 pm


I've played WoW on and off (mostly off as of late) since vanilla, and thought I'd give it another shot with WoD. I'm mostly looking for a casual guild, just to have some nice background chat while running through old content. I mostly play Lani (death knight) mostly because it's levelled and geared for soloing and it was my last raid character for a little in Cata/Wotlk. I do however have a few under-levelled alts (warrior/rogue/priest/mage).

My reason for wanting to join is mainly because I knew of LoM since back in vanilla. As it seems like most of the older guilds have gone under now it just adds to the familiarity a little even though I don't think I knew many people in guild from way back when.

Just for the bit of extra stuff about me, I'm 26 from the UK and do the 9-5 irl grind. I'll mostly be on during weekends and occasionally in the evenings.

I hope that's enough info, but if you'd like to know more I can add a little more.


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Re: Lani [Social][Approved]

Postby selassa » Mon Nov 03, 2014 8:27 pm

Hey there Lani,

You are welcome to join the guild as a social member :)

First off you should get in touch with one of our officers in-game for an invite. Check the list at the bottom of this post.

We are sure you will find a social home in our nutty guild ;)

Guild officers: Keezul/Fugue, Arkenor/Influenza, Mazoa/Chulieta, Erodast, Mirski or myself (Selassa/Saknafein/Exhale)